Request Proposal

Tip: For any installer part of the Dynasty Network, the default panel (no adder) is the ZNShine 405 and the default inverter with no adder is the Enphase IQ7+. Installers outside of Dynasty will have notation of their default panel on the installer review page.

If you have spoken with an installer who quoted a specialized panel, inverter, battery, generator or other custom item along with pricing, please be sure to enter the specific hardware and what you were quoted by the installer in the proposal request form to the right.

If you do not enter a battery option for jobs in California, we will by default set the offset to 50%. With a battery, the default is 110% percent offset. If you wish for a different offset, please enter it to the right.

Tip: Refer to the Solkraft link on the top tool bar to see their pricing options from which you may select