New User Instructions

New Dealer: Setting Up Your Accouunt

Get your finance software logins

Click the "Review Installers" link on the top tool bar or the link to the left to access the Installer Information page to compare your options. Review their coverage areas, adders, finance options and other details.

Once you have identified an installer you wish to work with, you must contact that installer to get login access to the finance tools this installer offer. Note: the loan vehicle logins (i.e., Dividend, Mosaic, etc.) are specific URL's assigned to that specific installer. For example: you can not sign a contract using XYZ Solar's purchase agreement, but ABC Solar's Dividend account. If you are signing a project with XYZ Solar's purchase agreement, you must use XYZ Solar's specific Divident account.

Your first task: select an installer you wish to work with AND request lgins for all loan products they offer by reaching out directly to the installer. Keep careful track of the logins you receive while being sure to notate which login details are specific to each specific installer. Since you may vary from one installer to another over time, you may have to repeat this process again for different installers that cover different territories, offer different services, etc.


Learn the sales process

On each of the installer profile pages, you will see a link to learn about the step by step requirements to complete for that specific installer.

Your next step: Go to the installer profile page for the installer you have selected to work with and then go to their installer profile page and review the "Sales Process Tutorial" link so you understand the sales process for that installer.



Look for an email rom our staff with a link to Hubspot, our CRM. Activate your account via the link you receive.

With Hubspot:

  • Track leads we provide you and update their status.

  • Track and manage your self-generated leads.

  • Critical: Track the outcome of leads we may provide you so that we may apply our analyics to improve the results and best lead generation methods we utilize over time.

Your next step: Activate your Hubspot account and practice adding leads, changing their status, etc. Feel free to make "fake" customers and just play. Just learn how the software works.