Things to know

  • Solwerks is for residential only.

  • Solwerks offers 2 PPA options. For homeowners with a 650+ FICO, it is called their "Premier PPA". For customers with a 600 to 649 FICO, they will use the "Heartbeat PPA". The payout on a Heartbeat PPA is lower than a Premier PPA (see pricing chart to the left). Solwerks does not consider bankruptcies, foreclosures or debt to income. Qualification is based on credit only.

  • Co-signers are allowed who do not live in the home. At least one applicant must have a qualifying credit score. However, if the co-applicant does not live in the home, they will only qualify for the "Heartbeat" (lower credit score) approval. Also, if the primary borrower is less than 600 FICO then the co-borrower would then have to have at least a 700 FICO for them to even get approved for Heartbeat

  • Solwerks Power will no longer take any system additions (add-on systems) in California due to previous NEM being forfeited with add-on systems.

  • The utility bill is not enough. Solkraft requires the customer's username/password to log into their online utility account in order to get green button data. If this is a problem, the customer can call Solkraft who will walk the customer through the process: 951-252-6383

  • Rental properties are accepted. The actual Homeowner is the one who runs credit and signs the PPA agreement

  • There is no maximum size in terms of offset (go to any offset you want).

  • They allow customers to sign who are currently on CARE

  • You need not show any financial savings to the homeowner to qualify for this PPA (this is not the case with any other PPA/Lease)

  • Minimum system size of 5 kW and a max of 20 kW. However, if you need to go outside these tolerances, contact our Solwerks rep

  • Solar arrays must have a total sun exposure minimum of 90% (determine this with Aurora). If it's at least 85%, contact to request a review and exception; these occur frequently.

  • If they sell their home, the PPA transfers to the home buyer. The home buyer does not need to pass a credit check!

  • Roof and ground mounts are allowed

  • Instead of having monthly payments based on the previous month's production, Solwerks can also offer levelized monthly payments. You can generate and send this via your Quickbase portal.

  • If you opt for levelized payments, note that there is an annual "true up". If the system has under produced power that year, a credit is issued to the homeowner's account. If the system over produced, the homeowner receives a bill

  • If you get a credit fail, call Solwerks. If it's close enough, they will manually override. Call our account manager, Gilbert at 951-505-7767

  • See chart above to see what the EPC payout will be for various kwh$/escalator combinations for both the Premier (650 FICO) and Heartbeat (low FICO) options

  • Almost any solar panel can be used (applicable adder taken out of your commission if you upgrade to LG, Panasonic, etc.). Preferred inverter for Solwerks is the Enphase IQ7+ (no adder).

  • Must be in an area where there is cellular coverage in order allow system monitoring

  • Billing for the homeowner will begin once the system has been PTO'd. Payments are due on the 20th of every month.

Battery Information

To the left is Solwerks recommendation for the battery size you should include on all systems. You DO NOT have to go with this; you can always can always sell a larger battery. Be sure to set your pricing per kWh high enough that the commission left is large enough to cover the battery cost from the installer as well as your personal commission. You can either go with a grid-tied battery (no load center and no backup power) to keep costs down. Or, you can offer a full battery with battery backup. Please refer to the chosen installer's adder list for battery and related pricing options.

Do you need help navigating Solwerks platform for your PPAs?

If you have any questions about about change orders, milestones passed, retrieving project data or making proposals as it pertains to the Solkraft PPA, please reach out to Natali at 951-285-3359